Claim Reporting

You may report a claim in one of three ways:

1. Online.

Report a claim anytime via our first notice of loss tool, powered by Succeed Management Systems:

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 *Online reporting is not available for the following businesses, please contact them directly:

  • Dewar: Contact Dewar directly click here.
  • Ocean Marine: Contact your local office.
  • Accident & Health: Call 1-866-568-2233.
  • Entertainment (non workers compensation claims): email 
  • National Marine Underwriters (NMU): Call 1-877-248-3455

 2. Phone. Call our 24-hour claim center1-877-248-3455

Our claims service center can assist you with the following:

  • Roadside assistance (including towing services)
  • Auto glass replacement or repair
  • Questions about an existing claim
  • Reporting a suspicious claim
  • Identity theft resolution

 3. Contact your insurance agent

You may always contact and work with your Intact agent to report a claim.

When Reporting a Claim, Please Have These Items Available:

  • Your policy number
  • Personal contact information
  • Name of your agent 

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